Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inventing Art, the paintings of Batuan Bali

I Gede Widyantara, Title Life in Serenity Land.

Inventing Art, the paintings of Batuan Bali

Announcing the publication of a major book on the unique paintings of Batuan Bali. This book consists of 337 pages and includes 327 full color reproductions, 24 illustrations, maps and diagrams. It was written and illustrated by the long term Bali resident, Bruce Granquist and published in 5 colors by the renowned printing company CS Graphics in Singapore.

This authoritative volume is the result of 3 ½ years of direct field interviews with the active painters in Batuan, along with an extensive mapping project to locate the homes of all these painters within the village as a whole. It is also based on research of various documents, from field work done in Batuan by the anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson in 1938, to unpublished manuscripts on Balinese aesthetics by a variety of scholars throughout the world.

One important and ground breaking element of this book is a 45 page section that defines Batuan paintings according to 8 different qualifications. Essentially, this section shows how the painters start with an empty page and build their paintings step by step into complex images. This section shows how the Batuan artists create paintings which show the everyday environment of their village, synthesized together with images inspired by the spirit world. The paintings they create are at once recognizable, and at the same time startling and surrealistic.

There are two main goals of this book. The first is to celebrate the ‘invention’ of this entirely new school of painting in Batuan in the 1930’s. This book traces the evolution of this artistic creation beginning with a look at the general cultural environment in Batuan at that time, the arts and the ritual life that could have provided inspiration for the first painters. The book goes on the show how the interaction between the first Batuan painters and 5 foreign guests in Bali at that time helped to introduce the first paintings to people from outside Bali, thereby creating a market for them. The book demonstrates that credit for the creation of this school of art belongs firmly with the village painters, drawn from the rich pool of their artistic environment. While at the same time it shows how the marketing and promotional assistance by foreigners ensured its establishment and longevity as a new tradition.
I Ketut Nama (Alm), Title Cak Dedari.
Secondly, this book demonstrates methods for us to look at these paintings. There is ample material in the book that helps to ‘decode’ and understand the culturally based imagery in the paintings and helps those viewers with no prior knowledge of this culture to identify and appreciate this meaning. But importantly, the book also shows how a large portion of meaning that is communicated by these paintings is conveyed by the pure forms that make up the images, the lines shapes and colors. In very clear and accessible text, the book shows how each of us are able to understand the meaning of pure form, no prior knowledge is required, any viewer with a patience and sensitive eye is able to understand the meaning communicated by lines, shapes and colors.
I Ketut Murtika, Title Bratayuda.
 This book makes a strong case that large format books about art can do more than simply catalog paintings and identify the iconography they contain. This book also deals directly with the complex and subtle issues of meaning in art, explaining what we can expect to understand from an art of a different culture. This book deals with these issues in a clear and direct manner, engaging these important questions authoritatively and with a light touch. Advance readers of this book have concurred that these ‘big questions’ are presented clearly, in a fresh and accessible manner.

Event: Book launching and exhibition
Book author: Bruce Granquist
Artist contact:    HP 08123-854-775
Book title: Inventing Art, the paintings of Batuan Bali
Exhibition title: Inventing Art, the paintings of Batuan Bali
Exhibition opening: December 15th
Exhibition date: December 15th- January 14th
Venue: ARMA Museum & Resort, Ubud - Bali

Monday, October 29, 2012

Menanam Pohon Sejak Dini

Siswa siswi SD Taman Rama mengenal pelestarian lingkungan di Maya Ubud Resort and Spa.

Pada tanggal 27 October lalu, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa mendapatkan kunjungan istimewa dari siswa dan siswi SD Taman Rama. Kedatangan mereka disambut oleh Green Team Maya Ubud yang akan membantu dalam belajar bersama melestarikan lingkungan.

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa memiliki areal yang cukup luas, dimana terdapat berbagai jenis tanaman bunga, pepohonan, tanaman buah dan rempah-rempah sehingga lingkungan hotel terasa sangat hijau dan asri. Selain itu, Maya Ubud juga memiliki kebun organic yang banyak memberikan kontribusi sayur-sayuran, rempah-rempah dan buah-buahan segar untuk digunakan dalam hidangan.

Dengan panduan Green Team, para siswa siswi sangat antusias dan senang ketika diberikan kesempatan secara langsung untuk melakukan penanaman bibit rempah-rempah, mempelajari bagaimana memelihara dan merawat tanaman secara organic serta mengetahui ketika waktu panen tiba.
Melalui pembelajaran sejak dini, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa berharap bahwa anak-anak akan dengan senang hati melestarikan lingkungan sekitar mereka dan meneruskan program penghijauan demi menjaga bumi Indonesia.

Friday, September 21, 2012

From the River to the Ocean, From the People to the Future

Maya Ubud Resort and Spa once again participated in the annual Ocean Conservancy Program as part of its sustainable environmental protection efforts. The cleaning of the Petanu River bank, which serves as the eastern boundary of the resort, was cleaned on September 15th 2012 by a team of employees representing every department of the resort, along with the assistance of volunteers from the neighboring village of Dukuh Griya, to prevent the waste dumped in the river from flowing down to the ocean.

Along a 1.2 km stretch of the river cleaned, we collected 215 kilograms of garbage, which consisted of:
· 477 plastic bags of varying size
· 260 pieces of clothing, shoes & Sandals 
· 185 plastic beverage containers
· 133 foil food wrappers & containers
·   74 pieces of building materials and many more
After sorting and weighing the garbage it was later sent for proper disposal at the Temesi Recycling Plant in Gianyar.

The Ocean Conservancy was founded in 1972, with goals to promote healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems. Ocean Conservancy educates and empowers citizens to take action on behalf of the ocean. From the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico to the halls of Congress, Ocean Conservancy brings people together to find solutions for protecting our planet’s water. Informed by science, the work guides policy and engages people in protecting the ocean and its wildlife for future generations.

We believe that by our participation in this annual event, we at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa continuously contribute to the environmental protection of the river, and by involving our employees, improve their environmental awareness and assist in their education and that of our customers and stakeholders. 

Electricity reduction program at maya ubud

Most hotels strive to reduce power consumption as electricity has become a major expense. Hotel operators want to reduce costs, but not to the detriment of their guests’ comfort; their top priority.

Hotels and the hospitality industry in Bali are the biggest users of electricity, consuming almost 55 percent of the island’s total output of 696 megawatts of electricity and the rising  demand by the numerous new properties and villa complexes being developed, pose a major challenge for the state power company, PT PLN to cover even the current requirements in Bali.

The reduction of our electricity consumption is one of the major goals of our energy conservation initiatives at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa. During the first semester of 2012, we were able to save about 15,000 KWH per month on the electricity used in our cooling system. This was due to the implementation of an energy efficiency program on check-in protocol aimed at reducing electricity consumption. This was done by setting guest room air-conditioning thermostats at 23°C.  This contributed greatly in achieving this cost reduction. Optimizing the fresh air circulation into guest rooms during the day, benefits not only in reducing the cost of cooling, but also reducing the cost of lighting.

Others energy initiatives we highlight at Maya Ubud are reducing the lighting of public facilities in the hotel after midnight, maximizing the use of energy saving bulbs ( both LED & CFL), rigidly monitoring our preventive maintenance programs of the electrical equipment, reducing the operation time of all outdoor lighting, corridor and back office area by the installation of timers, controlling the running of pool  circulation pumps, using  motion sensor and photocells whenever possible for controlling lighting, maximizing natural  light for the guest rooms and offices, sourcing equipment which is more energy conserving efficient.

The overall electricity reduction achieved in the first seven months of this year has been  215,000 KWH or 16% saving from the previous year 2011. This significant achievement in electricity reduction in 2012 is enhancing our sustainability programs here in Maya Ubud.

Maya Ubud is very proud of its employee awareness and contribution to our sustainable energy efficiency initiatives and also appreciative their efforts and those of our stakeholders who are supportive and involved in our achieving performance improvements now and in the future.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Talk Travel Magazine featuring Maya Ubud Resort and Spa

Ubud Bali's Hidden Paradise

Talk Travel Magazine chooses Maya Ubud Resort and Spa as the best place to have the perfect holiday experience in Bali. "Set in its own private, hillside garden overlooking two lush river valleys, the  resort and spa is situated on a stunning 10 hectares. When I arrived at Maya Ubud I was impressed immediately from the main entrance, to the  lobby, the reception greeting and to villa accommodation."

"The resort is perched majestically between the Petanu River valley and the rice terraces of Peliatan and is a landmark s of luxury and design. A delicate blend of traditional Balinese architectural features and neo-classic design creates a unique relaxed atmosphere, rich in character and style. A wonderful hideaway for the perfect holiday experience."

"Rooms and villas have all the comfort,  facilities and convenience you would expect. Dining alternatives include formal riverside dining or sophisticated a la carte European and Asian sine. Beside the swirling waters the Petanu River, amidst the lushes of the rainforest, nestles the Spa Maya. Private treatment pavilions provide an individual oasis in which refreshing and aromatic oils, sooth and relax. Enjoy light healthy cuisine. The adjacent River Cafe after a leisurely morning rice field walk, a village bicycle tour or in the after flow of memorable massage."

"Among the many recreation facilities at Maya Ubud are two swimming pools, tennis, pitch and putt, yoga pavilion and gym. Activities include nearby village trekking, nature excursions and mountain biking. There is also a complimentary program of yoga for beginners, Pilates introduction, nature walks and meditation."
If you have friends or clients searching for peace and tranquillity in a rural setting, away from the crowds, great food and wine and an awesome place to enjoy a holiday in Bali, then the place is Maya Ubud Resort and Spa.

"Bordering the artist village of Ubud, it is a leisurely 20 minute stroll from Maya Ubud to the colourful and bustling central market, shops and delightful new discoveries for the tastebuds. Complimentary shuttle services between the resort and the township is available from 9am to 6pm daily."

"A stay at Maya Ubud is something magical. This is a beautiful place to enjoy the quiet, peaceful, rainforest part of Bali. The resort is extremely well staffed and I was treated like royalty. I could not find a single fault with this resort. It truly lived up to its reputation."

Maya Ubud's Gold Sponsorship for Kopernik

Maya Ubud's Gold Sponsorship for Kopernik event 2012

Maya Ubud is generously sponsoring Yayasan Kopernik’s opening ceremony in Bali as part of the hotel’s commitment to supporting local community and environment initiatives.  Maya Ubud has provided the highest ‘gold’ level of sponsorship to the event, which will be held on 23 August 2012 at the Kopernik offices in Sayan, Ubud. 

From left: Sankarsana Satria (FOM), Romy Anggara (EAM), Paul Blake (GM), Ewa Wojkowska (Co-Founder & COO), Toshihiro Nakamura (Co-Founder & CEO), Maria Sitorus (CS).

Kopernik is a non-profit organization that distributes environmentally friendly life-changing technologies designed for the developing world - such as solar lights, fuel efficient cookstoves, and water filters – to poor, remote communities. Since the organization's launch in 2010, Kopernik has reached more than 75,000 people with life-changing technology in 11 countries, and 20,000 people in Indonesia alone. All Kopernik projects are funded by individual and corporate donors who crowd-fund projects of their choice directly via Kopernik’s website ( 

Solar powered LED light, telescope and microscope.
Through its Bali-based Indonesia office, Kopernik aims to reach many more last-mile communities across Indonesia and specifically in Bali.  The technology Kopernik distributes is simple, yet life-changing - it means that people can have easy and affordable access to clean water and safe light.  
In Bali the organization is already working with elementary schools and education programs to help children learn about science and technology and the environment through the introduction of fun educational toys to complement the school curriculum.

Kopernik is working with many Indonesian NGO partners to distribute life-changing technologies to those who need them most across the archipelago.  To learn about the technologies that Kopernik distributes and the projects the organization has supported in Indonesia, or perhaps buy technology for yourself, you can visit the Warung Teknologi (War-tek) at the office in Sayan. And you can always donate to one of Kopernik’s projects by visiting their website: or drop into the office at Pondok Wisata Sayan Ayu, Jl. Raya Kedewatan, Banjar Kutuh Sayan, Ubud Bali 80571.  And don’t forget to join the opening ceremony on 23 August from 4 until 6pm.  There will be a technology exhibition, fun and games and a silent auction to support technology distribution to those who need them most!

Indulgent Asian Spa

Relaxing Holiday Spa Experience

Imagine ... balmy summer breezes, gentle waves lapping against the shore. You're lying on your tummy with the smell of frangipani and jasmine wafting through the air. Gentle hands cast long strokes across your back in a repetitive kneading motion. Bliss.

If this sounds like your type of holiday, then an Asian Spa holiday may just be what the doctor ordered. Cast aside the atrocious New Zealand summer, tell the boss that the report can wait, and throw the bikini in the suitcase. Now is the time to book your spa escape.

Maya Ubud Resort and Spa, 45 mins from Bali
Indulgent Asian Spas
Indulging Spa Experience at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

At the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, you are set in the rolling hills and misty mountains about 45 mins from the Bali beaches. Here they offer an array of Spa Packages including our favourite The Enchanting Ubud Experience which runs over 4 days and includes daily scheduled activities: yoga for beginners, introductory pilates, nature walks, and meditation; massage and flower baths; cycle tours; and some of your meals.

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