Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maya Ubud Plant-a-Tree Campaign

Maya Ubud is supporting a local non-profit conservation organisation, Friends of National Parks Foundation (FNPF), to restore forest cover on the Bali adjacent island of Nusa Penida from only 5% to 30%.

Trees combat global warming by extracting CO2 from the atmosphere. Trees reduce soil erosion and bring higher rainfall. Trees provide habitat for wildlife.

Maya Ubud invites guests to plant-a-tree and restore 1 hectare of a 100 hectare reforestation project. A plaque listing all Maya Ubud donors will be placed on the land. Donors will receive the FNPF annual newsletter describing the progress of the reforestation project. $20 donation will cover the cost of growing 4 saplings from seeds in the FNPF nursery, planting on the land, and then 3 years of care (mulch & water)

FNPF is a local non-profit conservation organisation that combines Wildlife Protection, Habitat Restoration and Community Wellbeing (www.fnpf.org). FNPF has converted Nusa Penida into a unique “island bird sanctuary”. Endangered Indonesian bird species are released onto the island to build up their numbers free from the threat of poachers. FNPF runs day trips from Ubud to Nusa Penida to visit the conservation project. If interested, please contact our Resort Guide at extension 1901. All proceeds and donations are used to fund the project.


Mary said...

I planted a tree at Maya Ubud in May this year and look forward to returning to see how the tree is growing. . .

Maya Ubud said...

Hi Mary,
We are so glad to know that you have participated in the tree planting, and we are also looking foward to your visit.