Wednesday, June 8, 2011

United Colour of Art - Ubud Artists Painting Exhibition

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is featuring a painting exhibition by Ubud artists, entitled “United Colour of Art” during the month of June. The paintings being exhibited will include traditional and classic subjects such as a beautiful Oleg Tambulilingan Dancer, Kecak, Baris, Pendet; and other works in a more modern style.
All artists were born and raised in Ubud, the center of classical Balinese art. Talented from birth, all were introduced to art at very young. They explore the island’s rich cultural heritage a
nd express it in their creative paintings. All are actively exhibiting their works in various places Bali and overseas.

The most senior painter is I Dewa Putu Mokoh, 75 years old. He was a student of I Gusti Ket
ut Kobot, whose work was influenced by Rudolf Bonnet (1895-1978). In the 1970’s Mokoh found his own style of painting which is renowned for its simplicity, detail and humor.

Wayan Eka Partama is the youngest of the painters in this exhibition. Nevertheless he is a prolific artist and has already participated in 23 exhibitions in Bali and Jakarta and was one of the best graduates of ISI Denpasar (Art Institute of Indonesia in Denpasar) in 2008.

These outstanding works of acrylic on canvas can be viewed during this exhibition at the Lobby of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa during the month of June.


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