Monday, January 2, 2012

Enchanting Colors by Trio Women Painters

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is proud to present three exceptional women painters: Ardha P. Koto, Tjok Mas Astiti and Agnes Yulinawati. During the month of December 2011 they will exhibit their latest works titled “Enchanting Colors by Trio Women Painters”.

Ardha Prihandono Koto has exhibited her works widely in Indonesia and overseas since 1974. She likes to experiment and express her thoughts in many creative ways. Ardha, a former lecturer of the Art & Design Faculty in Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) is known for live painting performance and her poetic titles. She is active in teaching and consulting young artists and women artists.

Tjokorda Istri Mas Astiti is originally from Payangan, Gianyar and currently teaches at the Institute of Art Denpasar. Tjok Mas has been painting and participating in exhibitions since 1965 in Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Germany, London and Australia. In her work Tjok Mas focuses on the lives and feeling of women, especially Balinese woman with particular cares and responsibilities, not only for her children, but also in other roles of life, such as dancing, teaching and as a wife and mother.

Agnes Yulinawati gained insight into the flourishing Japanese art world in 1980-1981 as an overseas technical trainee before graduating from Udayana University in 1983. Her first painting exhibition was in 1977 “Exhibition of Young Indonesia Painters” at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. Since then Agnes has exhibited her works in various cities of Indonesia and Japan. As Agnes matured as an artist, her landscapes metamorphosed from painstakingly accurate renditions of scenes to a more evocative, spiritual expression of landscapes.

“Enchanting Colors by Trio Women Painters” exhibition will be held in the Lobby of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa during the month of December 2011.

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